Thursday, May 30, 2019

oh [baby]

this blog has followed me through several of life's adventures: my internship in san diego, graduating from college and getting a real job, being laid off during the great recession, becoming a licensed architect and moving across the country to maine.  well, it's about to follow me during another great adventure, having a baby!  my wife and i are expecting in october.

most adventures in life seem to come as an equal mix of excitement and being scared shitless and this one is no different.  i'm terrified, i'm thrilled, i'm nervous, i'm excited, life seems to be moving fast and slow at the same time, it's absolute craziness.  as chaotic as everything has been since we found out, i think this might just be the happiest i've ever been.

a lot of life has happened in the last few months, but hopefully i'll be posting more.

they say you should do one thing that scares you everyday, basically saying people should step out of their comfort zone every once in a while.  if that's true, let's just say i think i've reach my quota for the year just five months into 2019.