Monday, August 26, 2019

a [much needed] walk on the beach

my wife and i are currently at 31 weeks in the pregnancy.  due to several factors, this was medically labeled a "high risk" pregnancy, which means there have been several trips to many different doctors to make sure everything is going as well as it can.  needless to say there has been a lot of worrying and stressful check ups while waiting for various lab results and consultations. 

but as situations like this often do, it only seems to have brought my wife and i closer.  recently, we took a few days off to have a long weekend on the beach.  walking on the sand, with the sun going down at low tide, i felt my wife looked particularly beautiful, even through she disagreed with me.  i was able to grab my camera and capture a true moment of peace, where our only worry in the world was wondering how long we should wonder in the water.

i know the next few weeks are going to get stressful and crazy, but this pic will always remind my of how strong and graceful my wife has been during this pregnancy.

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