Sunday, April 30, 2017

[back] to that sugar shack

i've reached a very important milestone after moving to a new place.  being somewhere long enough that you start to repeat annual events.

maybe its the last major winter event or possibly a sign of spring, but as the snow finally started to disappear from the ground my fiancee and i headed out to "maple sunday" an event we had participated in last year.  this year however found us heading up into the woods with some new "couple friends" of ours.  not only was it a chance to try anything and everything "maple" but it gave us a chance to become better friends with this couple.

i'm not sure if maple sugar is entertained in a "mainers" dna or if everyone is just itching to get out of the house after a long winter, but people came out in droves!  we all waited in ridiculously long lines and waited a crazy amount of time to get a small sample of maple syrup! it was insane, but it's usually the crazy people and odd situations that give you the best stories.  

the day found all of us buying something maple flavored and we even met a local maine celebrity, a little girl who was best friends with a goose. we saw it, the goose had a diaper and was being wheeled around in a wagon.  seriously, she's been on tv!

crazy people = best stories

one year down.