Wednesday, September 21, 2005

a stage full of mistle thrushes



last tuesday night, i made a quick decision to go to lawrence to see the decemberists in concert. i had been undecided the whole day, but after finding a few other people that were interested in making the trip over the "that other kansas school" i was able to convince myself. after a few phone calls to my girlfriend it was decided that we'd meet her at the granada. now normally i would have decided that the trip wasn't worth it, but since they are one of my favorite bands, and i know that i could see them with my girlfriend, i decided to go. the decemberists are a great indie band from portland. if you get a chance, listen to them.

my two other friends and i loaded into the car about 7:00 and headed to lawrence. we were running a little late, and were kind of concerned that we might not get tickets. however we walked up to the granada, got our tickets and met jean. to our surprise we hadn't missed the first band. the opening band, sons and daughters, wasn't bad. as surprised as i was listening to them, there is always that anticipation of seeing the band you paid for. the decemberists came out and rock out as expected. they're a very theatrical band, going out and drumming in the crowd, and reenacting being eaten by a giant whale. the only complaint about the concert was the young lad right in front of us, who wanted to dance to every song, in a sort of rhythmic spasm. but what are you going to do, some people just "gotta" dance, and he was obviously a fan.

after the concert we stopped in at jimmy johns, and ate some subs, as we hadn't eaten in our attempt to get to the concert in time. after finishing up, we grabbed some coffee for the trip back. i said good-bye to jean, and we drove west. we all rolled in to manhattan around two, which is no later then a normal night in studio.

i've been into this band for about a year now, and grow to love them more everyday. i never get tired listening to the lyrics and how poetic the words flow together. for the past year their songs have been a staple in the soundtrack to my life. my favorite songs shift depending on what mood i'm in. there is a song on their new album, The Engine Driver, that seems to find it's way to the top of my playlist lately.



Thursday, September 15, 2005


geometries found in trajan's forum

this week in in my geometries in architecture class, my partner and i were assinged a project, where we took plans and sections from trajan's forum and tried to find geometries within them. with the few sacred geometries we've learned in class, we set out to see what we could find, looking to see if anything in the plans or sections matched up. in the picture above we've found what we think is the plan based on the sacred cuts. it's not perfect but close. what i found the most interesting however was the process, and how close this assingment parallels my life. you have something presented to you, it's lying in front of you, and you're confused and you can't make sense of it. it might be overwhelming at first. but with a little patience you start to see things. things you can't ignore. you start to see things that line up. you apply what you've learned in the past, lay it over the new problem and things start to come clear. before you know it you've found the answer. now, it might not be perfect but it's close enough to see that it's right. I've felt this many times in my life. i've been confused, and i needed something to unlock it and become clear, sometimes it's patience, hard work, discussion, time, or prayer. in my life, i've learned that everything always works out, somehow......

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


waiting for pizza

this weekend i was looking at pictures on my girlfriends computer, and found some that i had taken but forgotten about. i was delighted that i had found them because of the memories that are connected to the photos, but i had forgotten about them until the moment i clicked open the folder.

i can't believe how times have changed in the last 10 years. i remember waiting months or even seasons to see what pictures had been taken on a roll of film. there was always that slight bit of uncertainty of what was on the roll. "was the birthday party on this roll? or is this the vacation roll?" we'd drop them off at the pharmacy and then wait a week to pick them up. after waiting a week we'd pick up the package. opening a pack of pictures was always a little bit like christmas! we were anxious to see how we looked, and sometimes how much we'd change since the pictures were taken. then there would be those few pictures that had been on there so long that you'd forgotten completely about them.

now with digital photos, you do all this in a matter of seconds. you can see it right after you take it and delete the pic if you're eyes were closed or you didn't get the right angle.

are pictures better or worse because of this technology? did we gain something or loose something with this convenience? i'm a huge fan of sharing my digital photos with the rest of the world, but i do feel that technology is somehow short changing us.

anyway i hope you enjoy the "found photos" i found of one night waiting for pizza. as i finish this blog, i realize that these pictures are only a month old. not even close to the wait of an old roll of 35 mm film i remember from my childhood.

ceiling of flippis pizza grotto in pacific beach