Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

turning [to] your dad

 with the pandemic loosening up a bit, my parents were finally able to book tickets to visit in the first time in nearly two years. the main reason for the trip was to get them acquainted with their granddaughter which they hadn't seen for much too long.  however i had other plans.

i'm not the best handy man, i mean i'm no idiot, but there are just some household items that i've never encountered before and small projects that would be easier with two people.  two items i wanted help from my dad included a leaking outside spigot and installing a screen door on the porch. as i mentioned i could have done the door myself, it was just easier with help, but i had no idea about the spigot.  luckily dad new exactly what was going on.  both projects involved only one, initial trip to the hardware store, which never happens and both projects were a success!  there's now a functional screen door on the porch and the outside spigot doesn't leak.

i absolutely love my dad and doing these small projects around the house with him filled a hole in my heart and had developed with the distance this pandemic created.

love you pop.


Thursday, June 03, 2021

here comes the sun[flowers]

 wanting to bring a little bit of kansas to the yard, at the end of may i planted sunflower seeds.  as there's not a lot to do during the pandemic this has become my obsession. watering, weedeing, checking on them everyday....

it took a week or two but i'm finally starting to see the [tiny][tiny] fruits of my labor as a few sprouts finally poked up out of the ground. 

kansas here we come....sort of.

Wednesday, June 02, 2021


not sure if it's true for everyone, but the friends you make in college are some of the best you ever make. 

now there could be a lot of reasons for this but in my case i know it's because we all went through architecture school together, more specifically, studio.  all crammed in together, weeks upon weeks of working on projects, pulling all nighters to finish, cramming for tests, being cut off socially from the rest of the student population and then celebrating at the end of a project.  we went through a lot together.  it's no wonder my architecture friends stay in close contact to this day, texting almost daily on one long, continuous, rambling group text, that proves we've achieved lot since college but have matured only slightly.  but always being there for each other to celebrate the accomplishments and there to support each other through the difficulties.

all that being said, my college friend ryan was passing through town, so we took that as the perfect chance to get off the text chain, enjoy some beers in person and celebrate his first kid coming into this world very soon