Tuesday, November 24, 2015

giving thanks and [wine]ing

for this edition of #architalks we were asked by bob borson of "life of an architect" to provide a recipe from your typical thanksgiving meal line up, with the title being "...from an architects table"

only problem is, i don’t have a very large table.


i don’t really have any casserole dishes to place on said tiny table.


i lack cooking skills that would allow me to use pots and pans to cook and fill the casserole dishes i don’t have, to place on my tiny, little table.

i am very much a bachelor. a bachelor with minimal cooking skills.

i know many architects who are phenomenal cooks, able to whip up fantastic dishes with perfectly cut and prepared ingredients. it seems cooking and architecture go well together; it’s cultural, it’s artistic, it’s educational. there are architects who can prepare beef bourguignon while discussing le corbusier with a vintage vinyl of edith piaf playing quietly in the background.  i, however, am not one of them. i’d like to be...i yearn to be....i think i might eventually be...but as of the writing of this post, i am not.  that being said, i didn’t want to pretend i was any sort of chef and post a recipe of something i‘ve never made or was planning to not make, so i didn’t.  however, wanting to be a proper guest and bring something to our #architalks thanksgiving, i thought i’d bring one of the two things you can always count on at an architects thanksgiving. 


(the other item being a black mock turtle neck)

wine is an interest i’m slowly getting more acquainted with.  one of the principals at my office firmly believes architects should know about wine and over the years i’ve been slowly gleaning information from him. after doing a bit of research i have picked out two wines to bring to the #architalks table. two wines i will also be bringing to my actual thanksgivings.

first a red.

legado del mancayo grancha 2013
supposedly deep, assertive, zesty and spicy.  i’ll be taking this to the thanksgiving i’m spending with my girlfriends parents.  her father likes malbec’s, and with my limited wine knowledge this seems like a natural fit.  supposedly it also pairs well with cranberry sauce with i absolutely love.

now a white.

airlie 7 2014
the descriptions on this wine included fruits such as melons, pears and pineapples.  with my mother enjoying sweeter wines, this is what i’ll be taking to my family thanksgiving.  it also said it goes well before, during or after the meal, with a variety of foods.  just the kind of loose criteria a day with my family requires.

so there you have it. i’m the architect who didn’t bring an actual dish to the table, but i hope you all enjoy the wine, as well as a little holiday music thanks to bing and frank...on vinyl of course.

i'd also like to give a huge "thanks" to bob borson and all the other architect bloggers i've met through #architalks.  not only have i learned more about the profession from a variety experience levels and perspectives, but i've been able to digitally network and connect with several of you. architects i've never met but who, in there own way, make this profession richer, stronger, more eclectic and wonderful. thank you all!

to check out recipes from the thanksgiving tables of other architects who are better cooks than me, please follow the links below. happy thanksgiving everyone!

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