Wednesday, February 17, 2016

dear wichita [i hate you]

during the past few weeks i've had a chance to look at wichita from a different perspective; the view seen from someone leaving.  from this vantage point, strong feelings toward wichita start to fade into the distance and it's easier to notice things to dislike.  with wichita being the 49th largest city in the nation, i thought i'd share 49 things i hate about this city.

i hate the "keeper of the plains" and the wichita symbolism it's iconic form holds.

i hate all the new additions to the river walk and how pleasantly it connects the urban environment to a natural path that flows through the heart of the city.

i hate that damn troll along the river walk and seeing the look on peoples faces when you show them its secret location.

i hate the wichita flickr photo group for introducing me to some of wichita's best portrait takers.

i hate the coasters bicycle club and how they decorate the streets and sidewalks of wichita's with the faded color of their vintage bikes. i also hate how they were one of the first groups in town to take me in and show me how great this city is.

i hate sunday mornings at the beacon.

i hate that in the past few years wichita's culinary scene has taken off with amazing new restaurants featuring local fare.

i hate all the north broadway restaurants.

i hate 'public at the brickyard' and the amazing people that own it and how it's a gathering place for my friends which was eventually the reason why i met my fiancee.

i hate wednesday night trivia at barlycorns.

i hate that because of hard work, effort and determination,  riverfest is morphing, changing and growing into an even more fantastic party for the city.

i hate that the arena is two blocks from my apartment.

i hate the tallgrass film festival and the huge cultural event it's become and all the wonderful people who organize it.

i really hate the chili cook-off and how it keeps gaining in popularity.

i hate that for the past 10 years i've had an apartment in old town allowing me to walk to work everyday, rain or shine, making our town feel just that more urban.

i hate the hard working people at the chamber of commerce and downtown development corporation who are helping wichita's city core be what it should be.

i hate the wichita flag because and how well its designed and how its becoming a symbol of city pride.

i hate the the donut whole and tanya's soup kitchen and how they completely changed that little area of town.

i hate that we have a river flowing through our city that only wichitans pronounce correctly.

i hate that time wichita state went to the final four and our whole town was bursting with pride.  i hate how for a few weeks everyone in town was happy and in a small way felt connected to each other.

i hate final fridays and all the art and artists its introduced me to.

i hate commerce street.

i hate our zoo.

i hate the wichita art museum and it's color parties and it's art chatters.

i hate the kansas aviation museum and how it's so uniquely wichita.

i really hate morts, especially on mondays during the summer, on the patio, with all the wonderful memories made there and how one of my proudest wichita moments was getting my picture on the wall.

i hate that we have, arguably some of the best, movie theaters in the country.

i hate the whole east wichita vs west wichita issue and how it's goofy things like that, that give a city "flavor."

i hate botanica, in all seasons but especially during december when it transforms into  "illuminations."

i hate the downtown library building in all it's raw brutalist glory.

i hate douglas avenue and how our town couldn't ask for a more perfect "main street."

i hate the season ticket package for music theatre of wichita allowing me to see fantastic performances each and every summer.

i hate the downtown ymca and working out in a beautiful piece of architecture.

i hate seeing people in this town work so hard to make their own "scenes" better, such as comedy, music, art, architecture and beer.

i hate that neighborhoods in this city are starting to really develop their own local feel.

i hate delano and every wonderful store, bar or restaurant there.

i hate st. paddys day in delano.

i hate the food trucks and how you can't go to any event now without them being there serving up amazing food.

i hate disc golf at oak park.

i hate sunsets in riverside park.

i hate our beautiful new airport and how wichita finally got an entry to the city it deserved.

i hate seeing any concert at the cotillion.

i hate every single thing that goes on, or is shown, at the orpheum as well as the building itself.

i hate all the local coffee shops and how they create gathering spots within the city.

i hate the rise in craft breweries around town creating their own nighttime nodes for people to meet and interact all the while enjoying something local in their glass.

i hate any person i've met who's gives a damn about this city and volunteers their time to make this community a better place.

i hate that my family lives here.

i hate friday evenings at lucky's.

i hate that the group of people i'm lucky enough to call my friends love this city and how much they all care about making wichita a better place by actually getting off the couch and doing shit, as well as supporting any shit any other people might have going on.

why do i hate all these things?

because each and every single one of them make it incredibly difficult to leave this city.

i love you wichita and i'm going to miss you terribly.


Unknown said...

I hate your article. 😊

A Prather said...

Hope you are gone just long enough to pick up some more great ideas for improving Wichita. Then you need to turn yourself around and get on back here where you belong.

Anonymous said...

I hate it when people don't use capital letters to start sentences.

Jenn said...

You will be missed too, Eric! Congratulations on your engagement and new job! Jenn S.

Tata said...

spesso chi odia ama e il tuo post lo riconferma .

#1sis said...

This is so good. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me why I still live here, getting lost in the daily life struggles tends to help a person forget about all the wonderful things wichita has.

Unknown said...

The city will miss you this st pattys day good times class president ��

Unknown said...

I really hope you are not moving to Austin tx. TO MANY DAMN PEOPLE.

Unknown said...

I really hope you are not moving to Austin tx. TO MANY DAMN PEOPLE.

Unknown said...

They should turn the downtown library into apartments after the new one is built. Enjoyed your article.

Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

This is so beautiful! I didn't fully appreciate this city until I moved away. I always said I never wanted to settle here and after being away for 4 years the only thing my heart wanted was to be right here at home in Wichita. Best of luck on your next move and I hope they are wonderful just like Wichitans were to you.

Unknown said...

Welp I hate that you made me cry on a bus full of people in the Middle East because apparently I'm homesick. Loved this. ❤️

Ann Keefer said...

Thanks for reminding me that what I've spent the vast majority of my adult life doing actually makes a difference. Wichita is a grand place and I'm elated that you hate it so much!

Wes Morgan said...

i hate that we went to college together, volunteered in new orleans, became friends, and then eventually got the chance to work together.

Unknown said...

I hate that reddit sent me here and raised a tear in my eye for all the hate you piled on brave, true Wichita.

Anonymous said...

i still would rather live in Missouri...

hlb244 said...

good luck to you both, have to agree with some of your comments

Anonymous said...

Go Eric go, but I hope you comeback too !!!

Ted Farha said...

I hate that you're leaving Wichita.

ICTminiMOD said...

I hate that I can't go anywhere in this town without running into a wonderful Farha.

KUGIRL said...

Fantastic! Thank you for this! ❤️

quitos713 said...

I hate that this brought a tear to my eye and that we're obviously losing a excellent addition to our community.

Anonymous said...

Went to college in Wichita. I'm back in Maine now. Made me nostalgic for good ol Wichita

Anonymous said...

There really is no place like home

Anonymous said...

Love this! Our city is what you make of it. Sounds like Wichita will miss you too.

Anonymous said...

I moved from Wichita to KC metro about 5 years ago for a new job and can not believe that so many in NE KS are ignorant of all the great things Wichita has to offer. Thank you for this!
While it breaks with the 49 things theme, I'd add a few more "hates": I hate the top notch public and private schools--in Wichita and surrounding communities--as well as the sense of community that makes Wichita a great place to raise a family. I hate that you can get anywhere you want to go, even during "rush hour" in about 20 minutes or less. I hate the vibrant and close nit business community and entrepreneurial spirit that makes Wichita a fantastic place to work, create, make, and grow. And I actually hate that it took moving away to fully realize how great Wichita really is!

ercwttmn said...

Thank you all for reading this post and taking the time to comment! It means a lot!