Wednesday, March 28, 2012

make it [rain man]

looking for a reason to get out of town for a few days, a group of us traveled to las vegas last friday for a fun filled weekend in the desert.  i had passed through vegas once before, but only for one night during a college road trip.  since then, i had always wanted to travel back and really immerse myself in the casino culture.

in my head, i had visions of rolling into town looking, acting, and gambling like danny ocean from "ocean's 11".  little did i know the level of sensory overload i would encounter on the strip.  trying to take in everything around me, i ended up looking, acting, and sounding more like rain man.  just shuffling my feet down the sidewalk and repeating "very shiny, very sparkly".

some highlights of the trip include staying at the very modern and well designed "vdara" hotel.  heading down to "old vegas" gambling amongst people who like to kick it "old school".  taking in the cirque du soleil show "ka", which was absolutely mind blowing.  hitting up the "gold lounge" for a late night dance party..  betting and winning on my first college basketball game, even though it was ku.  enjoying one of the best meals i've ever had, with wonderful company at "mix".  watching the fountains at the bellagio dance to "time to say goodbye", and traveling to the far end of the strip to see the "las vegas" sign in all of it's googie grandeur.

although a good time was had by all, we also learned how tiring three days in vegas can be, and were more than ready to head back home and relax.  now it's time to recover, and maybe pick up some boxer shorts at k-mart.



Monday, March 12, 2012

a [folk] band of brothers

you have to love a band whose opening song starts with the lyrics:

"salina, i'm as nowhere as i can be, 
could you add some somewhere to me,
ah kansas i'm kneeling, ah kansas please."

the avett brothers put on an amazing show sunday night. i've never seen a crowd more energized or excited to see a band.  a big "thank you" goes out to the oprheum theater for bringing them to wichita.