Thursday, August 03, 2017

catching up with [new] friends

someone once told me, no matter where you travel you should always make friends.  it's a small world and you might just run into them again.

three years ago i wrote about spending my birthday with 10 strangers, who by the end of the night had become friends.  you can read it here.  at the end of that post i fully acknowledged i might never see those people again. 

that wasn't the case.

even though we only spent six hours getting to know each other, most of the people i met that night became facebook friends with me, allowing all of us to stay updated with everyone. one of the ladies i met that night, hit me up last month to see if i'd be in portland one particular weekend.  through facebook she knew i had recently moved here.  Her and her boyfriend were on a summer long cross country trip through north america and would be traveling through portland on their way to canada.  i was in fact going to be in town that weekend so my fiancee and i made plans to met them out for drinks.  meeting up at one of our favorite bars we started chatting and catching up.  questions were asked, stories were told and small talk evenyually turned into actual conversations. one drink led to another, which led to another, which led to trying out another bar and more drinks. somewhere during the night four random people became friends and we all had a great time!  so much so they decided to stay in town for a few days and enjoy a few fourth of july parties with us.  both she and her boyfriend are incredibly wonderful people and turned the weekend into a very memorable one.

i absolutely love when life makes little connections like this.  a completely random meeting of people three years ago helped make a fourth of july weekend three years later a wonderful time.

be nice to people out there folks, it makes for a better and more enjoyable world.