Wednesday, August 29, 2018

sunset [peaks]

i don't normally enjoy or take pictures of sunsets.  one reason is because everyone AND their dog takes sunset photos; they're horribly unoriginal.  another reason is because, i've rarely seen a picture of a sunset that does the actual scene justice.

all that being said; here is a sunset photo i took. 

i along with about 30 other people...and a couple dogs, took a picture in that moment and yes, it does a poor job representing what we all actually saw, but it still represents a great summer night with friends...and that is priceless.

[local] tourist [again]

this summer has found my wife and i wanting to explore new places in maine.  although we've been here for two and a half years, there's still a lot of local sights we haven't taken in.  this weekend we actually took a stroll on the "cliff walk" at fort williams park.  we had visited the portland headlight before but had never viewed it from the beautiful hike along the coast.  not only did this give us a new perspective on a familiar icon, but during our hike, fog rolled in giving us a whole different scene of the lighthouse within just a few minutes.  to top off a great maine weekend, my wife bought a lobster role from the best place ever and i got some ice cream from "reds" which i now understand is a maine summer "must."