Sunday, July 28, 2013

i just want to fly[in]

it had been a couple years, but i finally made it back out to one of my summer events, the stearman field fly-in at benton, kansas.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

[pressing] engagement

so my sister is getting married...

naturally, the past few months, she's had a lot on her mind.  so when she asked if i'd like to design her wedding invitations, i gladly said yes.  not only because i have a not-so-secret love for graphic design, but i thought it would help elevate some stress.

now you would have thought at this point in my life i would have realized; to alleviate someone elses stress, mean you must now take it on.  not only did i now have added stress, but i now know way more about wedding traditions, rules, and etiquette than i ever expected to.

let me give you a summary of every voice message from my sister the past month:

"are the cards done yet?"
"are the cards done yet?"
"are the cards finished?"
"when are they going to be done?"
"any idea when we can expect the cards?"
"how are the cards coming?"
"so...i just wanted to check the status on the cards."

i worked on the cards in my spare time, but found myself getting extremely frustrated with little things like spacing and, a new discovery, kerning. luckily my friend jonathan, a very talented designer, stepped up and helped me finish up the final design. not only that but he printed them on his press as well. sure enough, they turned out wonderful, and they were sent out eight weeks before the big date, something a found out was standard etiquette.  the voice messages have also stopped.

all in all, it wasn't that bad, and i'm honored my sister asked me to do it.  now lets just wait and see how the actual wedding goes!