Friday, September 27, 2013

no [photo] no cry

some good friends of mine asked if i would take pictures of their son to capture him now being one year old. as much as i love taking pictures, i did warn them; i am not a professional photographer, i am not a portrait photographer, and i have never taken pictures of a one year old. all of this would added up to me having no idea how good or bad the pictures might turn out...this didn't phase them, and we made an early morning appointment.

by far, it was the most interesting photo shoot i've been a part of. it was the most active and vocal i've ever been behind the camera making funny noises  and waving my arms around. it actually was a lot of fun, and the little guy did great.  there were a few moments that didn't go as planned, but in an odd way i think they were some of my favorite pictures.  kind of like life a bit.  it's the unplanned moments that are often more memorable.

Monday, September 16, 2013


downtown wichita has several great fountains, although you'd never know it driving down douglas. for some strange reason most of these fountains are hidden; placed in sunken plazas, behind trees, or off the beaten path, which is a shame because they really are quite beautiful.  if you get the chance, take a walk down douglas and check out these hidden gems, especially the incredibly serene fountain tucked back from the sidewalk in front of the intrust bank building, which is now one of my favorite spots in downtown.

i'm still undecided whether or not, the fact these fountains are "hidden" makes them more special or not.  part of me thinks it's great you almost have to "discover" these little urban oases. the architect side however, would love nothing more than to see crowds of people around these fountains enjoying the cooling relief they provide. a situation that might be possible if they were in better view of the public.

i have no idea whether or not these fountains have "official" names, if so please let me know, but the first two pictures are near kennedy plaza, then outside intrust bank, next outside the garvey center, and finally the fountains of finlay ross park. so whether you like large public, interactive fountains or the more subtle and reflective kind, i hope you take time to enjoy the downtown fountains before winter sets in.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


my good friends over at public, which just so happens to be one of my favorite establishments in town, hosted a "brush bash" last weekend.

now if you've never been to a "brush bash", which i hadn't, it's an event where artists spend a few hours painting, then auction their creations off for charity.  as if that weren't wonderful enough, judges awarded one local artist $1,000, courtesy of pabst blue ribbon, to paint a mural on the patio!  wanting to get out and enjoy some late summer weather i headed to the event, although the brilliant combination of art and pbr might have also had something to do with my attendance.  overall it was a great event, and i hope it becomes an annual event for public as well as oldtown.