Sunday, August 15, 2010

make it [homemade] rain

yesterday, the fire department provided the crowd at the first ever "taste of wichita" some much needed relief from the 104 degree weather. today, it's 82 and rainy. apparently, i need to up-date a little quicker in this state. ahhhhhh kansas!

Monday, August 02, 2010


after this weekend, my amateur photographer hat goes off to my friends at ericamay photography, the juice stop, darrin hackney photography and divispix photography.

last sunday, i had my first ever engagement shoot, and i was incredibly nervous. i love taking photos, however over the years the vast majority of my subjects have included buildings, doors, windows, patterns on walls, cracks in the sidewalk, and various other urban elements. static, stationary, somewhat stoic objects. unfeeling, with emotion projected onto them only from the viewer. everything being human is not. humans are dynamic, full of energy, feelings, life, and emotion. all things hard to capture in a fraction of a second. all things, the photographers mentioned above, do so well.

knowing i loved photography, and the fact i was in kansas city, brooke and roger asked if i'd take their engagement photos. the fact they're on a shoe string budget, and i mentioned i work for food, it was the perfect fit. the afternoon was spent traveling from location to location, ironically including some of the cities significant architecture. however, the buildings this time played backdrop to them, a couple young and in love, with a new and exciting future in front of them. an emotion and a feeling, i hope was captured for them.