Sunday, May 20, 2018

the [hunt] is on

after two years of renting a house, my wife and i are currently in the process of looking to buy.  if you take what we want in the house, factor in what we can afford and cross that with what's actually on the market, there's basically nothing out there.  every house forces us to look at our priorties and really dig into what we want out of a house....which is fun to do a couple of times, but after every single house, it can be a tad exhausting. 

please don't get me wrong, i'm very grateful that my wife and i have jobs and are even in the position to look for a house.  i'm just saying that like other moments in life,  this has been a frustrating process.  so as we check out house after house, weekend after weekend, i've come up with things i’d much rather go through other than house hunting in portland maine:


facebook’s terms of service

moving into my freshman year dorm

a root canal

the perfume department at any mall

the directors cut with commentary of “gigli”

paying for a seminar on toenail fungus

my taxes

yanni’s entire catalog

a new england winter


a plate of gas station sushi

drivers ed

my “frosted tips” phase

my “sweater vest” phase

any season of “the nanny”