Thursday, August 28, 2008

film noir[ed]

earlier this year, i auditioned for a small movie fellow blogger, the thing about trains, was working on. i auditioned for the part of jack, who was an eccentric photographer. a part i knew i would have to scour the depths of my inner soul in order to play, but none the less one i thought i could portray.

i few days later, i found out that i had received the part. after being fitted for a wardrobe, the shoot date came. after spending a few hours getting into character, i was ready. on the set, i had to keep asking myself,

"what's my motivation?"

"why so i want to take so many pictures?"

"what am i searching for?"

"can someone get me a coffee!"

the shoot lasted all day and the other actors and crew were some of the best that i've ever had the pleasure of working with. lets just see what the academy thinks.

alright....i'm being very facetious.... the truth is, i know now why they say a movie is made great in the editing room. the crew did an amazing job! the music, the color, the shots! all great! it was great being a part of it.

to veiw it, please click here

Monday, August 25, 2008

a night in [85]

alright, so looking back on the posts this year, it's obvious that i have several themes that i tend to repeat. well, this one's going to combine just about all of them. that's right, my love of bikes, enjoying movies at the orpheum theater, wichita's urban life, the movie "back to the future", and the topic of time travel in general. how could i possibly fit all of these together you may ask? lets see!

let the story begin....

about a month ago, it was decided that august 21st would be 20" bike night! i was thrilled! i had recently rediscovered my old bmx bike in my parents garage and wanted an excuse to fix it up! last week, i dragged it out the garage and with a little help, started getting it road worthy. i wasn't able to get it completely fixed, but i still brought it into town, giving myself a little project to tinker with after work.

i didn't however plan on last week being as busy as it ended up. i had to work late most of the week, giving myself only minimal time to work on the bike. however sitting at work on thursday the only thing getting me through the day was knowing that i would be tearing up the streets of "ta" town on my sweet bmx that night!

wait, what did i just say?


how could i have been so careless! as it turns out that thusrday night the orpheum was planning on showing the absolute best movie ever. BACK TO THE FUTURE!

this was quite the dilemma.

thinking fast, i planned it all out. i figured i could make the 7 o'clock movie, watch it, jump on the bike, and make most of the ride!

as it would turn out, that plan would create one of the most enjoyable thursday nights of the summer. i was able to sit and watch my favorite movie on the largest screen these eyes had ever witnessed this epic film on. i was also able to enjoy it in the company of other fans who really got into the movie. i then jumped on my old bike and cruised downtown to meet up with the rest of the bikers, where we all got to enjoy everyone else's vintage childhood cruiser.

for all i knew it could have been a night right out of 1985. a time before i had entered school. a time where all i did was ride bikes, ate bologna sandwiches, and played with legos. a time before clients, deadlines , and stress had entered into my life. a time that was a lot simpler...

for a moment.... it was like being a kid again.

Monday, August 11, 2008

i [can't] ride my bike with no handlebars

i like to keep this blog somewhat diverse, trying not to repeat myself too often. however i wanted to follow up the last post with a few pictures and links.

the bike is rapidly becoming my favorite form of transportation. i've been slowly increasing how much i use it every week, waiting for the day i roll up to a job site, "messenger-style" with the drawings in a tube on my back......we'll see.

it's not just me. i've been seeing more and more bikes on the streets of wichita, giving our downtown much need human activity.

maybe it's the gas prices, maybe it's the health aspects....either way, biking seems to be in the air. the art of the bicycle show was a huge hit last month, easily being the "hot-spot" to be on wichita's gallery crawl list.

here are a few pics:

other various links to check out...

wichita's conference bike here.
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