Sunday, September 16, 2007

the price is [wright]

i found myself in bartlesville, oklahoma this past week, and what better way to spend a couple of hours in that town then checking out the price tower, by frank lloyd wright.

now i don't want to go into an architectural critique on the building, and why give you a history lesson when you can just go to wikipedia. instead, just a few interesting facts from the tour and a few pictures.

-opened in 1956
-originally designed in the 1920's as a set of four multi-use towers in manhattan, new york.
- plans for the building scrapped during the great depression.
-resurrected in 1952 for harold price to house his headquarters.
-wrights only skyscraper.
-cantilevered floors hang from a centralized core.
-nicknamed the "tree that escaped the crowded forest".

i found that last item particularly interesting, because while taking the tour, i didn't feel like i was walking in a skyscraper, it felt more like an adult tree house, including tiny elevators, small stairs, constricted spaces, and open balconies.

actually the whole reason for this post was so i could use the title. i thought of it on the drive back, and i'll be was cracking me up..

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

beauty and the beast [liquid version]

i had that feeling....

the start of [something]. a little tingle in the back of your throat, a few aches in your joints. was it the cold? a flu? or just a bad case of allergies? i wasn't sure. all i knew was as the day progressed i continued to feel worse.

no real need to worry, i had a plan of action. the same action i take whenever that feeling starts. a tried and true method. hit it early with a hot shower and a shot of nyquil.

ha! beat that you "early stage of sickness"!

as the clock ticked down to my bedtime, i jumped in the shower. after a relaxing 15 minutes, i changed into my p.j.'s, and then off to the medicine cabinet.

"oh no! where is it?"

the nyquil was no where to be found! no worries, i'd look in my little first-aid tote. looking under the sink and opening the tote, it happened again! no nyquil! i was a little concerned. o.k. a lot concerned. i needed that "feel better" medicine to ...well...feel better.

i found some gel caps...what a joke! those don't work. i need the original flavor! nothing knocks the early stages of, whatever you have, out more then the original "green" flavor. what about cherry you ask? ha! that's for kids, i need green! panicking, i started looking throughout my entire apartment, opening and closing cabinets.

finally there it was! i had found it, peeking out from behind the tums was a giant "Q"! picking it up much like an actor accepts an academy award, i realized that it was a little lighter then i usually like my nyquil. it did however appear to have the required 30ml i needed. as i poured this "liquid relief" into the tiny plastic cup, i noticed the expiration date.

aug. 2007!

it was close enough...i took a shot, and eased into bed.

the beauty: nyquil is the "nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, sore throat, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever, sleep better, to feel better, medicine!"

the beast: sleeping past your alarm, waking up at 10:00 a.m. , late for work, but feeling much better.