Monday, April 23, 2007

back when [they] dreamt of being architects

last weekend i traveled up to kansas city to see the "decemberists" perform at the uptown theatre during their "twilight in the fearful forest" tour. meeting numerous friends at the venue, we opted to sit in the balcony, not wanting to huddle with the herd of hipsters, hugging the stage.

sitting through the show, one thing was very apparent. with the band playing most of the songs from their latest album, there was a lack of old-world charm they once had. when i first heard the decemberists, i was amazed at how much i loved the sound of accordions and violins, supporting witty lyrics, using forgotten vernacular. rock had some how been mixed with the sea shanties of long ago. this concert, however, featured very little of the instruments from their previous albums.

the concert wasn't disappointing, as they still played my top two favorite songs, and colin did a solo version of morrissey's "everyday is like sunday". the concert was just different, and different always takes time to get use to...........i'll adapt........i guess.................

ok, i'll admit it, i'm just a fan of the accordion. it's the instrument of my people, and i was glad when i found it being played in "hip" music, and not just polka!

some other "quirky" throwbacks from a different time:

-a sign in kansas city, that i've been wanting to photograph for the past six months.

-a large lowercase letter "e", given as a gift, by the wonderful owners of the couch i found myself frequenting quite often.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

fox confessor brings the [snow]

two events happened last week. one planned, one not, both amazing.

it's a big joke to say that if you don't like the weather in kansas, wait fifteen minutes and it'll change. although it was more like four days, the change that happened last week surprised eventhe most loyal kansan's. only a week ago, i was mowing the yard, in shorts, enjoying 80 degree weather, last thursday, snow was on the ground. i'm not sure when i'll ever see blossoms covered in snow again, but this little kansas cliche, provided a brisk and beautiful backdrop as i walked home that night.

also this weekend, and what you might consider, the main event, was the neko case concert at liberty hall. i had been waiting anxiously for weeks. i'm sure my coworkers are now able to sing the majority of her songs by heart, as i may have played a bit too much last week in the anticipation. i made my way to lawrence, found a parking spot, walked to the hall, all in time to stake a claim to an area at the center of the stage for my friends and i to enjoy. waiting for the show to start, i made quick friends with a group of fans from springfield missouri. included in this group of missourians was a unique individual, answering to the name of doyle, who looked like the combination of paul giamatti and rick ruben. he, and i quote, "kicks it old school" which he later proved, by waiving his lighter in the air.

the show was incredible, and worth much more then the price on the ticket stated. although the band did their job backing her up, neko has the kind of voice that could solo for two hours and not disappoint. she went through her set, which included all my favorites, and even threw in a cover of bob dylan's "buckets of rain".

now, believe it or not, but for 30 seconds, during "hold on, hold on" neko was singing right to me, eye to eye, hitting my soul with her verse. well it was either that, or she was intrigued/confused/frightened, by doyle, who happened to be standing right behind me.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


rapidly becoming one of my favorite events to attend in wichita, is "final friday". a night where all the gallery's in downtown are open, and the public is invited to meander in, out, between, and through all of them. my favorite stop is [fisch haus studios], where the exhibits never fail to excite and entertain. this past friday, their exhibit was called [living statues]. dancers from the wichita ballet, stood on various stages, and would strike three minute poses, inspired by music. people where encouraged to bring their sketch books and pencils and practice their live sketching.

despite the flood like downpour friday night, i took my sketch book and ventured down to the gallery. the place was packed. not only was i surprised to see the number of people lounging around the concrete floors sketching away, but the ability of the dancers, holding their poses for that length of time, was equally impressive.

i haven't sketched live figures in ages. it seems that since entering the college of architecture planning, and design, most of the pages of my sketch books are filled with stationary buildings with an occasional tree here and there. howeve, last friday's participation in these quick three minute exersises was very refreshing. those multi-colored lines on the screen of my computer, were starting to take their toll. it was nice to get back to pencil and paper....and not have to label the drawing [wall section].