Tuesday, January 12, 2021

[oil] me up

 the bane of my winter existence here in maine is checking the heating oil.  

it's a constant worry and always has me stressed out.  you see, i have to call someone to fill up the heating oil tank, which at a minimum is a two day ordeal and if this runs out, there's no heat...which would suck.  also the gauge isn't 100% accurate. so after a few hard learned lessons, i've learned that if it gets to an 1/8" i'm screwed. 


i now place my oil order at a quarter tank.

in a weird way though, just like in life, sometimes it's the little annoying things like this that give life a rhythm.  so even though, i'm constantly on edge about this little chore, it does make it feel like it's winter..


as if the 0 degree weather wasn't enough.