Tuesday, January 10, 2023


 the end of 2022 was a bit more stressed than i like my end of years to be.

the firm i worked at for the last seven years was making some changes and needed to let me go.  [basically, my boss wanted to go down to being a sole practitioner and needed me gone to do that] it was all on good terms but still stressful.

the month of december found me dusting off my resume and portfolio and making calls.  thankfully i was able to get interviews at four great firms of which three produced an offer.  after taking a week to think about it, by the end of the month i had a job lined up and started in january.

hard to say if this will be a good thing or not, but there is something very [aligned] about starting a new job in january. a few shots from around the office...now located on the [east end]