Tuesday, July 26, 2005

if i could only get you oceanside..........

the group at the beach

this sunday i was able to meet up with some friends that i hadn't seen in a while. a friend of mine, mike, who i've known since i was in diapers, called to let me know that he and his girlfriend, krista, were going to be near l.a. and wanted to make sure that we met up. he also informed me that another rose hill high alumni, rhett was stationed at camp pendleton with his wife lori. after a conversation on the phone and using the new [google earth] program we decided that the best place to meet would be oceanside. rhett was able to get all of us on base so we could get to del mar beach, and we spent the day there grilling, and surfing. as much as i tried, to avoid getting burnt by using the standard defenses such as sun block, and staying covered, i still managed to get a tad "crispy". however, i did find out that walking into the office monday morning looking like john candy from "summer rental" is a great conversation stimulator. also, i don't know if this is possible but i think i sun burnt my eyeballs. here's to aloe.

krista and mike

pay no attention to the shadow behind the board


sloring said...

looks like a good time man, have you done much surfing out there?

ercwttmn said...

-not since the 4th of July, but i'm planning on getting out on the water a lot, in the next three weeks