Tuesday, August 09, 2005

i might be so money, and not know it.........

exterior of the dresden

after paying my respects to the eames' i had another pilgrimage to make, and that was to the dresden. now for those of you that can't quote every line from the movie "swingers" the dresden is one of the favorite places to hang out in the movie. in fact, most of the best quotes come from inside. after driving up sunset blvd. i turned onto vermont ave, and find it without a problem. with my camera in hand and a huge appetite i ventured in. as i walked down the steps from the back parking lot and into the doors i could almost here vince vaughn tell me that i was so money. i sat in a huge white leather booth, ordered, and ate the biggest reuben i've ever seen in my life. as i was eating the owner came up to me and said, "it's a pleasure to see you again sir." i of course told him that it was my first time, and he pardoned himself and told me that i looked familiar. i assume that he thought i was either russell crowe or matthew mcconaughey. (i get that a lot) after my meal i headed over to the bar and ordered a seven and seven and chatted with the bar tender. the inside couldn't have been more lounge. it looks like it was decorated in 1966 and never touched. after taking a few pictures and making some patrons recite a few lines with me i headed back to san diego, but not before the owner gave me a few matchbooks for souvenirs.

here are a few pictures, sorry they're a little dark, but that's the way it was. If interested here is a the website. www.thedresden.com/

interior of the dresden

area where marty and elayne still play

my seven and seven on the counter

me, trying to look "money"


the syndicate said...

your looking very money. i would pick 'c' note. hey...what is that material on the wall behind you in your 'money' shot? cork?

ercwttmn said...

yep, it's cork...