Monday, October 31, 2005

the weekend of [trite]

this weekend was a chance for the [populace] of manhattan, to forget who they were for a night, and [masquerade] as someone else for a while. while noticing the costumes, and [conversing] about how the same outfits are seen over and over every year, one of my friends stated at how [trite] they all were. this comment stayed with me the rest of the night, because i felt it was a great use of a word that i don't normally hear. my friend could have easily said that the outfits were boring or dull, but instead she called them [trite], which is defined as "boring from much use, not fresh or original". a perfect fit.

lately i've had feelings that seem to run deeper then what most words i use, define. some words to define my life, [dubious][hampered][despondent][adrift]. i'm sure that these words have defined a point in everyone's life before. but as an architecture student in my last year, with changes taking place, dreams fading, and the future looking more intimidating everyday. they seem to be the perfect fit right now.

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