Wednesday, January 17, 2007

[argyle] is a battlefield

so i have a little [situation] in my life. two conscious decisions, recently made, have led to my current predicament.

first of all, i hate wearing black socks to work. i tried it, i hate it. there's something about my bright, white calf with a black sock stretched around it, that reminds me a little too much of my grandfather. now i'm aware that on certain occasions black socks are fine and i need not worry, but i also believe socks can, and should have the ability to be more interesting then just black. therefore upon entering the workforce, i filled my dresser drawer with a variety of striped and argyle socks to wear.

part two. i've been frequenting the gym more often this month. call it a resolution, call it a phase, call it what you will, all i know is that "men's health" isn't going to be calling me anytime soon, wanting to write an article, discussing how i sit for nine hours a day, and have developed mad cad skills. either way, i'm trying to move my trips to the gym from a weekly event to a more daily routine. this increase in activity, however, has doubled my laundry load. i couldn't help but notice, i washed twenty pairs of socks last weekend! so i decided in order to keep my loads smaller.... i'd start wearing my work socks to the gym.

of course adding these two situations together, results in me, wearing stripped or argyle socks with my gym shoes. now some people might think this is cute, most, however, might just think i'm a fool. what worries me, however, is that i didn't think twice about this decision, and wasn't really concerned about it.

is this wrong? does this makes any sense? i'm i genius? will people raise me upon their shoulders and carry me through the streets for limiting my wash load? or am i one short fashion move away from wearing black socks to the beach? should i continue my laundry conservation efforts, or is it time to pack up, and move to del bocca vista, florida and take up bocce ball?

argyle aside, what is it about pat benatar that makes working out just a little easier?


Unknown said...

why dirty pants as well? just wear your umbros to work.

Luke said...

It's somehow comforting to see that your personality hasn't changed much since Sophomore year. :-)

Nicole said...

damn you and your socks for almost busting me at work for reading blogs instead of working. i love it. you crack my shit up, wittman.

sloring said...