Friday, February 15, 2008


a few weeks ago my friends and i gathered at "the anchor", a local downtown restaurant/bar after work one night. we talked, ate, and enjoyed good conversation. mostly focusing on frustrations at work, and then laughed and joked as we made light of them.

when, from a few tables down, a young man came up to us, pardoned himself for interrupting, and proceeded to hand each each one of us a napkin. we took the napkins and to our surprise, found sketches of ourselves on the napkins. of course this killed the conversation we were having, but it started a new one as we asked him if he was an artist.

he said that he wasn't, but just enjoyed sketching people, and "the anchor" provided more than enough characters to sketch. he spoke of his goal to sketch as many faces as he could, and how he would love to quite his job and all the hassles with it, pack up his bags, and move to the desert so he could sketch full time. when we asked what he did for a living, he said,

"he was an architect...."


on a side note: is this why people think i'm homeless?

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