Friday, July 31, 2009


the other day i was driving down douglas, and saw something new, well actually, it's old, but it was new to me. as i drove by i saw a sign for the "kurdian travel agency". i thought it seemed an odd location for a travel agency to open, but i really liked what they had done with the building and loved the sign! it seemed kind of retro.

well as it would turn out, it isn't a new business moving it, but rather a little glimpse of wichita's past. we had a couple of really strong summer storms come through, and one of them actually blew the metal front off the building, exposing the brick and the sign underneath, a site that hasn't been seen by wichitan's for years.

what i love about this story, are all the analogies one could make about one's own life. how, over the years, we get different layers added to ourselves, filters over our personalities, some more transparent than other. sometimes we do this to fit it, and sometimes we do this to hide completely. before long, the original can't be remembered, you've forgotten who you were. then one day a huge "storm" i.e. unemployment, comes along and exposes the real thing, and takes one back to the beginning, which can be a very refreshing. that analogy however is a little deep, so i wont get into it.

however, getting back to the building.... i wish another storm would pass through, just strong enough to work it's magic on the rest of the block.

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