Tuesday, September 29, 2009


if there's any weekend during the kansas year, that always seems to deliver perfect weather, it would, without a doubt, be the last weekend in september. the heat of the summer is over, and the cold of winter is still a few weeks away. the mornings are brisk, the afternoons are sunny and pleasant. the leaves are just begining to hint at their forthcoming change in color, and if you're not suffering from allergies, i'd swear you could smell apple pie in the air. this all combines to create a few short days where the entire city seems to yearn to be outside. it should be no surprise than, that some of the best things to do in wichita take place on that weekend, and last weekend was no exception. not only was there a high school reunion to attend, but wichita also hosted the komen race for the cure, as well as the wagon masters chili cook off. with the weather as perfect as could be planned, i, along with most of the city, spent the majority of the weekend outside.

if sunburns are an indication of a good time spent outdoors...than i had a blast.

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Randy said...

Add the Midwest Bicycle Fest to that list. We missed you.