Tuesday, September 07, 2010

the [signs] they are a changin'

last saturday the old mill tasty shop sign got an up-dated paint job complete with new colors. although i love the new maroon and yellow color pallet, there was a small part of me that was going to miss the old slate blue sign i'd see everyday.

while photographing the process, i thought to myself, "hey, i can use this situation to blog about how much i fear change."

then i realized....that's what i write about every third blog post.

so i'll keep it short and sweet.

i love the new colors. i think they're new and poppy and wonderful....but still miss the old ones. what's to win out? newness or nostalgia? one of these days i'll figure it out....

maybe i just need a malt.

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jean c. said...

maybe this is small consolation, but at least they had a human being hand-paint it... and kept the outlines of the old hand-drawn letters (especially the bottom ones which I love!)... instead of laying out some crappy standard fonts on the computer and printing up a vinyl banner or backlit plastic sign! ALL TOO COMMON.

but, totally with you on fearing change. sometimes I feel like my purpose is simply to *see* beauty -- there's no way of preserving it, even beautiful photos can't give the experience of life, they can just record -- and it's difficult and challenging to *make* beauty that's equivalent to the beauty that comes with age, adaptation, and wear... so, is it enough to have experienced it, noticed it in the moment, and then, feeling the beauty in your heart, gone on your way?

which, in this case, might be headed down to the old mill tasty shop for a malt. !!