Tuesday, November 01, 2011

i love [karaoke] in the fall

celebrating the birthday of a friend, karaoke-ing the night away was the perfect excuse to dust off the camera.

not only did i enjoy capturing the wonderful faces people make while singing along to bonnie tyler and ben folds, i was also reminded that night, we're entering my favorite time of year. the sun is still out, illuminating the colors autumn provides, but a jacket is needed to hide you from the increasing hint of winter. the time of year where you find yourself tempted inside by the promise of a fireplace and the warmth of a cup of coffee. scarves start their slow migration from storage spaces onto suits and smocks. dinners become gravy laden and desserts oven baked. a time perfectly fit to focus on friends and family.

i was also reminded that night, why i never got a record deal. i did discover however, i do a great rendition of "mahna-mahna".

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