Thursday, June 14, 2012

gin and [sprite]

last year, one of our non-native kansan friends introduced our group to a new style of drink/party called a [gin bucket].  as this is the second year for our friends to partake in this type of party, i feel it's well on it's way to becoming a full fledged tradition.

basically it consists of a large bucket filled with gin, sprite, ice, lemons and limes.  the end result is a wonderfully refreshing and chilled beverage perfect for enjoying summer.  there is no need for glasses or cups as you consume this concoction with turkey basters.  sanitary? probably not. entertaining? definitely! apparently this all started as a tailgating tradition at indiana university and has slowly been working it's way through the midwest.  as it was our missouri friend who introduced this to us, i can totally buy into this theory.

now, even though this beverage began betwixt binge drinking college kids, this really is a wonderful way for a group of friends to enjoy a party due to it's very social nature.  with everything being contained in a bucket, it requires guests to constantly move and interact, instead of the standard, sitting in a chair, sipping your own solitary drink.  secondly, who doesn't like drinking out of a turkey baster?  it's like a spirit squirt gun-o-fun, so much in fact that when one person goes in for a drink, several other friends are quick to join.  this also allows you to cheers everyone by hoisting your basters up like the knights of the round table. [gin] soldiers if you will.

so whether your summer nights involve gin buckets, or something more along the lines of ice tea and lemonade, i hope everyone is able to venture outside and enjoy the weather with the company of wonderful friends.


anya elise said...

And the award for best mode of drinking at a party goes guys!

This looks like way too much fun. Might just have to bring this merriment to Colorado. :)

ercwttmn said...

Thank you Anya! It really is a great time, I highly recommend it. Also if you start this in Colorado, and in a few months we hear about it being the biggest craze in California, we'll all know who played a small part in that!

Jaime said...

That looks dangerously delicious!

ercwttmn said...


Hahaha! I think you found the perfect way to describe it!

MsDrPepper said...

Look ma! No cooties!! The alcohol kills any germs on the Bastet!! Not quite like swapping spit... Sounds like fun! Need to develope similar recipes using, say, DrPepper and Amaretto for a fall flavored party??