Wednesday, October 24, 2012

austin city limits [festival]

and now for some highlights from the actual festival:

- great shows on friday from first aid kit, tegan and sara, florence and the machine and the black keys
- banh mi's from the food court
- water filling stations and cooling fans
- purchasing an official acl koozie, fueling my new obsession for these objects
- being in an instagram rich environment
- chicken cones from the food court
- being well prepared for the rain on saturday
- purchasing a water proof blanket
- finding waldo
- random conversations with complete, but friendly, strangers
- jack white performing "seven nation army" on saturday night
- an amazing performance from the civil wars on sunday
- watching the avett brothers put on one of the best shows i've seen at acl
- chad smith from the red hot chili peppers playing drums for the avett brothers for a few songs
- reliving most of my childhood by rocking out to the the red hot chili peppers as they closed the festival
- hanging out with friends



Jaime said...

Great photos! How did you get into the Bobby Bones Show? I'm a fan of that show, too.

ercwttmn said...


It was the craziest thing. I just e-mailed the station and asked if I could sit in, and they said yes!

It was a riot to watch the show live and in studio!

Unknown said...

three intense days of live stage performances. With more than 130 bands appearing on eight stages, you know you are going to have fun. Here are a few tips on how to survive it. Welcome to the Live Music Capitol of the World City Limits