Tuesday, February 24, 2015

my own [fountainhead]

it's coming up on my ten year anniversary of blogging. to honor that digital milestone i thought i'd take a look back at the beginning....the very beginning.

ten years ago i started an eight month internship which was part of my architectural education. in order to validate my time and receive a grade, every week found me keeping track and writing about what i was learning and experiencing, and sending it to my professors. doing this week after week seem to train my brain to keep mental notes and seek out the "interesting" in the everyday, sometimes mundane routine.  without a doubt, this quality was eventually put towards my blog, which i started near the end of this experience

not only is this a look back for me to see where my "blogging" started, it's very entertaining to read what i was doing as a 23 year old intern and relate that to the slightly more i know now as a licensed architect.  below are excerpts from my internship journal ten years ago.  the inspiration for this blog as well as the start of my architectural career.

week 1 - organizing the product library. to this day the reason i know my division numbers.

week 2 - building models, still one of the best ways to communicate with a client.

week 3 - the inevitable start of cad drawings

week 4 - weeks like this is why i went into architecture

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