Saturday, July 04, 2015

summer break [or] summer school

this months #architalks topic is [summer break]

do architects ever take a summer break, or do they just think about architecture in new locations?

i don't vacation like regular folks, and i'm wondering if that's because i'm an architect.  when planning a vacation or trip one of the first things i'll do is look to find any architectural significant buildings within a 4 hour radius. a holiday trip to boston found me walking the m.i.t. campus, while a trip to portland found my friends and i touring an office building. when in l.a. it was a concert hall and church and museums almost every where else.  i'd like to blame my architectural history class on this, as anyone knows, having to study and be tested on a building naturally makes you interested in seeing it if you're ever near by.  however i think this love of structures and history started earlier.

growing up, our family was fortunate enough to take a summer vacation very year.  trips which occupy a several shelves in the childhood section of my memory library.  our family was always visiting historic sites and buildings.  i remember staying at several of these places, learning first hand from the owners about the building's history.  if we didn't stay there, we toured it!  our family was always seeking out interesting places, buildings or parks to take us to.  this is how i learned to vacation.  it wasn't until years later i realized other families vacations consisted of just snow skiing or boating at the lake.  all relaxing and wonderful activities, just not what i grew up knowing.  summer break does't feel like a vacation unless i've "toured" something, read a plaque or marker, taken picture in front of something historical, or took a brochure....and i wouldn't change that for the world

so now i'm wondering...

"do i tour buildings because i'm an architect; or did i become an architect because i toured buildings?"

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Lora Teagarden said...

I was wondering your question as I was reading along...and then got to your question ;). I think it's probably a bit of both. A majority of my vacations growing up were always beach or relaxing ones; I'm just an inquisitive little archinerd I guess.

Sharon said...

I never traveled much as a kid. My wanderlust was initiated in architecture school and there was no turning back.

Anonymous said...

Don't answer the question. Live in the wonder.

matthew said...

I have tried to do building tours on vacations with my family. But it never really works out very well. I seem to be the only one who enjoys it. So we generally just visit family when we vacation.