Monday, July 17, 2017

magical [history] tour

when your new in town, sometimes you have to jump at opportunities to find out more about the city you live in.  that's exactly what i did last may when i went on the magical mystery tour hosted by the maine historical society.

so the whole point of the tour is that it's a big secrete right up until the day before the tour.  that's when they release the list of 10 hidden spots around portland that the general public cat usually get to.  as i haven't been in too many building around town, it didn't really matter what the list consisted of, i was excited to see and learn anything i could.

it was an incredibly well done event and i had a blast discovering new sites.  i wasn't able to make it to all 10, but i fully enjoyed the sites i did visit.

some highlights were traveling to the top of the city hall clock tower, seeing the inside of the time and temperature building, a private home designed by john calvin stevens and the inside of st. dominic parish.

i feel it very hard to grow in a city if you lack knowledge of it's history.  the magical mystery tour gave me a wonderful and beautiful crash course a few gems of this city's history.  i can't wait to see what they have in store next year. 

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