Sunday, July 29, 2018

jamaican me [crazy]

last jamaica themed post this summer...i swear...maybe

upon coming back from our honeymoon, my wife and i were on an island high, not due to any chemicals or substances but rather because of the wonderful experience we had during our trip.  the weeks following the trip found us creating spotify playlists of music we remembered hearing on our trip, testing out frozen jerked chicken from trader joes, more trips to the maine beaches and me buying a case of red stripe imported beer which i'm sure left the cashier wondering if i had accidentally picked out the wrong case instead of the many craft beer options in this city.

our jamaican high did lead us to venture out and try an event we had been wanting to check out for a while, reggae sunday on peaks island!  every sunday, a bar on the island hosts a sunday afternoon of reggae music, so one sunny morning my wife and i took the ferry over to the island to check it out.  what we found was a huge party on a patio complete with a reggae band, rum drinks and of course red stripe!  after ordering my first bottle of the jamaican lager i was a fan.

it didn't "recreate" our honeymoon exactly, but the fact we were enjoying the sunshine and music with drinks in our hand with lots of other people doing the same, it was close enough.  the fact that the drinks were not part of an all inclusive package and we did in fact have to pay for them kept us grounded in reality.  even with that small dose of american commercialism, we had a wonderful afternoon, one that not only made us appreciate our home a little more, but it also seemed to extend that honeymoon feeling just a little more.

one love.

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