Sunday, September 23, 2018

end of summer [bel]grade

the end of summer isn't always dictated by the calender.

i think there's one weekend every year that gives you the sense the summer is comming to an end.  it's a little earlier in maine than it was in kansas but it usually happens in late august or early september.  this year that weekend fell during a trip to the belgrade lakes area.  we had some friends invite us up to spend the weekend with them and their family.  the weekend was chill, a little boating, a little swimming and a lot of good conversation.  it was a wonderful summer weekend but there was something in the air suggesting summer was nearly over.  it was nothing negative... just the feeling you get as you near the end of a great vacation or chapter in a book.  that chapter for me was a summer filled of exploring new places in maine, and learning to love this state more and more.

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