Tuesday, October 30, 2018

[chill]y start to fall

they say you should do one thing that scares you everyday....

i don't really buy into that.  i'm more of a once-a-month-one-thing-that-scares-me kind of guy.

to balance that though, i really believe you should do one thing a month that sends chills down your spine.  for me, it was having the privilege of seeing neko case in concert again.  her voice alone will do it for me, but when you add in her lyrics along with the sense of nostalgia i get when she sings, it was full on chills that september night.  i enjoyed hearing my favorites and fully fell in love with several songs from her newest album, which have been on heavy rotation since.  i enjoy when seasons have beginnings and neko started off fall for me with a perfect chill.

much like doing something that scares you, gives you a feeling of being alive and helps you avoid getting stuck in a rut, i think getting chills is just a little natural reminder that you're out there experiencing life!

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