Wednesday, November 21, 2018

[arch]inktober - week 4

week four found me a little sad this exercise was almost over.  after nearly a month, i had become accustomed to thinking about what i would sketch during the day, then taking 30 to 45 minutes a night just to do something creative. it was calming. it was relaxing.  i enjoyed it.

i started this whole experiment thinking it would improve my sketching, in all honesty, i think it simply improved my mood.  having just a few moments to be creative for no specific reason was incredibly therapeutic.  much like on my honeymoon when i was relaxed and had time to sketch, or my mom and her group painting classes.  in certain personalty types, there's just something about creating something beautiful where once there was nothing.

now, i'm not saying all my sketches were beautiful (need i mention that bay window from week two) but there really is a rhythm to life.  we spend a lot of time "taking in", movies, music, news, meetings, emails, all sorts of digital information... sometimes it's good to "put something out" into this world too.

breath in, breath out...

both important to live.    











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