Tuesday, November 30, 2021


 living in a city you were not born and raised in, means there's a lot of nostalgia to catch up on.

there's a mural in portland that's been hanging around on a wall for a long time...so i've heard.  although i don't look at this mural and get reminded of my parents driving me into the city, it does remind me on the side of town i use to live in.  it also has a fun authentic vintage vibe to it i always like.  

when the news reported that it would be coming down, i was in fact a little sad.  not as bad as though who have seen this their entire lives, but still, a little. i went and paid my respects and got a few pics to say i was there...

but it made me think. nostalgia plays a huge part of how you feel about something.  nostalgia is important but it's not everything.  and i think it's healthy for members of a community or citizens of a city to have different levels of nostalgia for items or buildings or places in a city.

i'll miss it, but excited to see what might replace it, and to see a new generation of people gain nostalgia for a new mural.

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