Sunday, December 25, 2005

the ghost of christmas[tree] past

i’ve heard this year, through different media outlets, that it is now [politically correct] to refer to christmas trees as holiday trees instead. now as much as I believe we should all learn to be more tolerant and accepting of other customs, i disagree with this. first of all, we should embrace different customs and traditions and learn about them, not merge them into the narrow view of being politically correct. a christmas tree is just that, a christmas tree. it was a symbol of the newly found christian faith to the early germans. german immigrants brought this custom to America in the 1700’s and it caught on by 1850. since then most christians bring an evergreen into their house to decorate for the season. being of german descent i’ve always been proud of this tradition. there are many other customs during christmas brought to us from many different places. we should know where all these customs come from and celebrate them, instead of trying to force them into some [politically correct} box. having many different customs and traditions makes this world unique and exciting.

anyway, i hope everyone enjoys their christmas trees this year, or any other tradition that you and your family may celebrate. merry [christmas, chanukah, and kwanza].

here are some photos I found today, of past christmas trees.


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G-Fresh said...

I completely agree. Being politically correct makes us more and more robots for the man. Everybody is different, and it should be celebrated.