Sunday, January 01, 2006

2005 in [pictures]

the sunset in new mexico - 1.10.05
this picture was taken while driving west to california to start my internship. i enjoy this photo because of the job it does capturing my feelings at the time. i was leaving the cold, icy january we were having in kansas at the time, and heading west into the unknown. my own manifest destiny. i had no idea what to expect over the horizon.

point loma lighthouse - 1.16.05
i included this photograph for artistic reasons. i love the color of the sky against the white of the lighthouse. this picture also represents my first weekend in san diego. for a slightly "cheesy reason" i included this picture because this lighthouse was used as guidance for ships, much like i felt that i my internship would be for my education.

view from my front door - 2.13.05
this photograph isn't very artistic, but it was what i saw whenever i left my apartment, which was mostly for work. it's not an amazing view, but having been born and raised in kansas, to be, it was breathtaking.

the pelican on the o.b. pier - 3.19.05
no long story for this picture, and it's not terribly artistic, however this bird was on the pier one day and it fascinated me for well over twenety minutes, and i'm thankful that i had a camera at the time.

jean by the window - 3.25.05
my girlfriend at the time, came to visit me during her spring break. i believe i was able to snap this photograph of her before she was aware of it. everything about this picture, the light coming in the window, her pose, her clothes, and her look, come together so naturally. this is one of my favorite photos i ever took of her.

sunset at pacific beach - 4.9.05
this was the beach closest to my apartment. i came here often to watch the sunset. i felt like i was at the edge of the world. nothing can beat a kansas sunset, but this is a very close second.

pacific beach - 5.20.05
this photograph was taken the day i first was able to stand on a surfboard. i had dreamed about surfing ever since i first saw the movie "gidget". even though i only stood for a second, a seven-year dream of being able to surf, was a tad closer that day.

gamble window - 6.25.05
this was one of my favorite photos i took this year, because of everything wrapped up in this picture. i love the framming, and the color. the craftmenship of the window is amazing. but also when i see this picture, i'm reminded of one day finally having the courage to travel through los angeles by myself, relying on nothing but map quest, and braving the worst traffic i've ever been in, all in order to view an architectural icon. oh and it's also doc browns house in back to the future, which is one of the best movies, ever.

the pizza grotto - 8.11.05
another great picture of jean, but i included this picture because of the moment it captured. i had finally finished my internship, and jean had flown out to drive back to kansas with me. we hadn't seen each other for three months. we went out to eat at my favorite pizza place and talked about our ideas of the future over dinner. this photo will always remind me of that conversation.

one final photo - 9.20.05
this was taken at a "decemberists"concert in lawrence. i drove from manhattan, jean drove from kansas city. after the concert we had sandwiches and coffe. that night, we got into our cars and drove back to our own, seperate lives.


sloring said...

good pics Eric, I enjoyed them

Anonymous said...

GOOD IDEA, a top 10 photo list. I love them! But it helps to have such a pretty subject-Jean!