Thursday, January 19, 2006

the [republicans] of the caribbean

the halfway point

today i waited in a line. a really long line. a very really long line. a line i haven't seen the likes of since the summer of 99, which of course was the infamous [pirates of the caribbean] line at disneyland. in that line, the payoff was to see some of the best animatronic pirates these eyes have ever seen................... come to think of it,...... i believe they're the only animatronic pirates these eyes have ever seen. anyway the pay off this time was to receive my free ticket to see the president of the united states of america, george w. bush. that's right. the commander in chief is coming to the little apple. the paper announced it yesterday, and they started handing out tickets on a first come, first serve basis today. now, i don't care what your political affiliation may be, or if you live in a red state or a blue state, i'd like to believe that everyone would be excited. also i feel my generation should care and be more involved in politics then they currently are.

i decided to try and get a ticket for several reasons. first of all, i have a mild fascination with politics at all levels. secondly, for the fact that i've never heard a president speak before, and don't know when i'll get a another chance. lastly, it's free! and i love anything that's free.

today's adventure consisted of enduring a wait in the second longest line i've ever been in, to receive my ticket. i couldn't believe how many people were waiting. they handed out the tickets at the central booth of the football stadium. the line wrapped clear around the parking lot, and then down the street. the above photo was taken about an hour into my wait. while standing, there were actually vendors selling hotdogs, and i even saw someone get a pizza delivered, while in line. i however didn't mind waiting. i feel that the chance to see the president of our nation speak, while attending college, is worth the wait, much like the pirates of the caribbean were at disneyland.

nearing the end of my wait

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Miss Wendy Eileen said...

haha, you really put your opinion in the lines, I think its great...if more people were concerned about politics you would have more say what your country does representing you. Its just a shift in focus really, everyone has the power to shape their own destiny.