Thursday, January 26, 2006

stickin' it to the [man]

alright, so the title may be a little deceiving. i'm not actually stickin' it to the man, to be honest, i'm actually working for the man. however the title "working for the man" just doesn't have the same ring to it. anyway......let me explain. i recently acquired a job with the college. i am now the assistant curator for the college of architecture, planning and designs, chang gallery. alright, i made that title up, but doesn't it sound good? i didn't think it would be a terribly hard job. just a couple of hours every few weekends, hanging and displaying different exhibits that the college decides to show. however upon hearing the rather "light" schedule i have this semester, i was asked if i would be available to do a variety of other jobs for the college. not minding adding a few dollars to my slim wallet, i agreed. my first task was to deliver project boards back to the aia office in kansas city. although, i had to move a few things around on my schedule, i was able to clear a block of time today.[anyone that knows my schedule, is laughing right now] the college set me up with a state vehicle full of gas, and since the boards were rather large, i got to "roll" in a station wagon. i know what your thinking. sweet!, i agree. i hadn't rolled in a station wagon since my junior year of high school. i had almost forgotten how "off-the-hook" they can be. so i got the car, loaded the boards, and spent this afternoon cruising to k.c. in a large white station wagon, with a big "k-state" on the side. the weather was great, and i was able to "rock out" with some great music provided by, bloc party, rilo kiley and the flaming lips. i couldn't believe that i was actually getting paid to leave studio, take a road trip and "rock out". maybe in a small way, that's why i feel like a got to "sick it to the man", the fact that after seven years of paying tuition, the state is finally throwing a few "hamilton's" my way.


April said...


And nice choice of music. It's a long, lonely drive down 70... which is why we usually slip through to Manhappenin' on backroads.

Miss Wendy Eileen said...

Hey all the best with the new job... %)