Tuesday, April 11, 2006

[dazed] and [bemused]

what a confusing time this is. i feel it within myself and i see it within my friends. i'm on the edge. the last few inches before full on adulthood, and it's almost time to take that step, and i'm scared. i have no idea what to expect. i have no idea how the next chapter of my life is going to read. will it be a page turner, or incredibly boring. is this the beginning of a long climatic rise, or the end of one?

for the last four and a half years i've had a clear goal in my life. to finish school. in one month i won't have that goal as a crutch anymore. i now have to come up with my own, "new" plan.

this is a transition, and i hate transitions. because they force you to re-examine the ties in your life. it seems like these "ties" either have to be strengthened or cut. i've seen classmates get engaged, while other have decided to break up. some people are deciding to stay close to their friends and family, while others are venturing over seas.

is this decision i'm about to make,of where i live and work, going to decide the rest of my life, or is this just one of the many scenic drives i'll take on the interstate of life? so many questions, very little answers. is life always like this? do you ever really have anything figured out?

oh well, i'll just think about the things that i do know, and i know as i write this that i love the taste of dr.peper. ............ it's a start.

dr. pepper bottle, half empty/half full

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G-Fresh said...

I bet you love what Dr. Pepper makes you do also. That was very well written and I concour and feel like I'm in the same boat.