Thursday, April 20, 2006

i've been [tagged] - my top five

tagged by mike of scortch!

[in the kitchen]

1 - brita pitcher
2 - vintage aluminum cups
3 - tabasco green pepper sauce
4 - hand-made dishrag
5 - hebrew national hotdogs, they're kosher

[in the closet]

1 - khaki blazer
2 - my starting line up of shirts, the "varsity team" if you will
3 - snorkel and flippers still needing to be returned to the owner
4 - box full of miscellaneous objects that have no other home except for that box
5 - vintage ties

[in my bag]

1 - i-pod
2 - thesaurus
3 - canon powershot a40
4 - a planner, that i use more and more with each passing day
5 - sketchbook

[at studio]

1 - a pencil holder made 2nd year
2 - i-tunes
3 - "thinking with type" by ellen lupton
4 - my swingline stapler, it really is better than the boston
5 - an ever growing collection of architecture business cards

[at home]

1 - jade plants
2 - acoustic guitar
3 - steel shelves that somehow have the ability to hold 90% of what i own
4 - a garden gnome in the corner of our living room
5 - my indestructible coffee table, that will be passed down in one month in order to fulfill it's destiny of being the eternal college coffee table.

i tag nicole of and sam of insidethebox


Nicole said...

i'll get back to you. promise. but i gotta finish this studio project.

Anonymous said...

great list eric!
love the photos....especially of the vintage aluminum cups.
oh and that gnome...i remember that guy! I am cracking up right now.

PostScorch! said...

Hebrew National franks and a planner: I think that's all you need in life to get by.

Good lists.