Sunday, June 07, 2009

hazards of [love]

months ago, i discovered the decemberists would be playing kansas city. unfortunately for me, it was on a wednesday night. purchasing a ticket would mean a mid-week, 6 hour jaunt to k.c and back, giving me only a few hours of sleep, but i gave in...i mean, it's the decemberits! now as we all know, i had been working in kansas city the past six weeks, so fate, being the mischievous and magical creature she is, had me right where i needed to be to enjoy the show!

from the opening act to the last song, the entire show was amazing! i'm not sure if it's the lyrics or the chords, but something found it's way in. the songs serenaded my soul and tugged at my emotions....that thing all great music should do.

they played their new album "hazards of love" in it's entirety, from beginning to end. i haven't read all the lyrics, so i don't exactly know what it's about, but i have a strong feeling it has something to do with love...and the hazards sometimes associated with it.

and i like that...

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