Tuesday, June 30, 2009

this old [blog]

finally blogging is starting to pay off...well sort of....

a fellow k-state graduate, friend, and blogger, jerad recently read my post about the construction work i did in kansas city. having his own project he needed help with here in wichita, he contacted me and asked if i could lend him a hand. wanting to make sure he was absolutely aware of my limited construction skills, i informed him, if he was looking for a skilled craftsman, i wasn't the best guy for the job. however, if he needed someone to hand him tools and cut boards, i could be useful. luckily for both of us, that's all he needed. jerod has been working on this project for a while, but needed some help installing a bar top, and a beautiful wood slat ceiling.

it was only three days of work, but once again, it was great to be out of an office and actually build. during the day, between cutting, sawing and installing, we discussed our love of mid-century modern design, talking about different architects, buildings and furniture. not only is jerad a talented designer, but he is also a very skilled craftsman. gleaning a bit of more knowledge in both of these area's from him, was well worth working in the 100 degree heat.

here are a few pictures i took during the installation, but please check out his blog studiobuild, to see more of the project.

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