Tuesday, August 29, 2006

and a [year] goes by

it's been a year since katrina hit the gulf coast, and there's something about that benchmark that causes us to look back and reflect. i didn't personally live through that disaster, and i can't begin to imagine what it was like to have everything you own, lost and your life swept away. i did, however have the privilege to meet a man that did. i say privilege, because it was an honor to meet and work for ronald lewis. ronalds positivity and optimism were unbelievable after hearing what he had been through.

i've written before about my experience in the lower ninth, but i wanted to include an up-date on the project. earlier this month, the team of students and volunteers i worked with completed rebuilding mr. lewis's house and construction of a new museum. if you follow this link you'll find the npr page on new orleans. if you scroll down you'll find a box titled "24 hours-a day in the life of new orleans". they've put together a great slide show, featuring mr. lewis, also, i've included a few pictures taken by my friend jason during the grand opening. this experience will always serve as a reminder to me. when faced with unimaginable tragedies and seemingly hopeless circumstances, it's amazing at what faith, prayer, determination, and the support of friends and family really have.


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