Sunday, August 06, 2006

the [domestic] life

i'm finding myself increasingly more domesticated every day, and not by choice, by necessity.

i remember at school weekdays and weekends blurred together with the only real difference being there were a few days where you'd leave studio to go to a different class. now there is a clear definition between the two. the weekends are now the time for me to do what i want to do, all day long. but even that statement has some exceptions. my whole day today felt like it was spent getting ready for the coming week. there were groceries to buy. clothes to wash, dry and iron. [on a side note, ironing was non-existent at college. i think i ironed five times in seven years of college. it is now however, taking up way to much time] then there's the daily cleaning. living by yourself, you come face to face to how dirty or clean you are. there are no longer any roommates to place the blame on.

i know it's all just part of growing up, but this change from t-shirts and jeans, to slacks and collars, was a bit fast. to be honest, though, the eye opening event that brought all this to light, was buying a swiffer today........and being excited about it.


Anonymous said...

A swiffer is nothing to be ashamed of.

sloring said...

I know the feeling all too well