Saturday, August 19, 2006

night of [voodoo]

so last thursday, instead of going to the "lava lounge" for sinatra night, i went to the derby to check out "big bad voodoo daddy" with mike and trent.

alright, so as much as i've always wanted to utter those lines, that's not exactly what happened. i was however able to check out "big bad voodoo daddy" at the sedgwick county zoo, as part of their summer concert series. now the zoo isn't exactly the hollywood icon the "derby" is, but i'll take what i can get.

the concert was not the low-key, lounge scene i had envisioned in my head, there were too many strollers and blankets for that, but the band sounded great live. although the place was packed with hundreds of those foldable lawn chairs, there was a space right in front of the stage reserved for swing dancers, which were easy to spot in the crowd. thinking of myself as an amateur swing dancer and not wanting to pass up the chance to dance in front of one of the icons of swing music, i gave it a shot. i threw myself into the mix of zoot suits and saddle shoes, and tried my best. i thought i was doing fine, until an eighty year old couple whirled by me and informed me to "move it or loose it."


Anonymous said...

love love LOVE that last picture.....i am going to see DAVE tonight!

sloring said...

oh, i didn't know you guys were on a first name basis jackie.