Sunday, November 23, 2008

some like [to blog]

i've been blogging for three and a half years now. what started out as simply a way to keep in touch with friends and family, has now turned into a full fledged hobby. i've never considered my self a "writer". i loathed any reading or writing class i was forced to take in school, and it's a wonder i was able to pass any of them.

since this little hobby has grown, i find myself being more "in-tune" with any situation i my find myself in while out in the real world, i'm constantly thinking to myself, "hmmmm, could this be a blog entry? is this entertaining? are there any lessons to be learned here? any underlying themes to be applied to other areas of my life? is anyone wearing argyle socks?" this blog not only has made me appreciate the art of writing, but more importantly, those who write.

that being said, i was surprised recently when i discovered the website [douglas and main]. an entire blog devoted to grouping and bringing local bloggers together, a place to appreciate local ideas and writing. i've perused the website, and found there are some wonderful stories out there, taking place in my own backyard.

recently, i was [tagged] by one of these local bloggers adelamaide.

so i'll take part.

the rules:

-link to the person who tagged you.
-post the rules on your blog.
-write 6 random things about yourself.
-tag 6 people at the end of your post.
-let each person know he/she has been tagged.
-let the tagger know when your entry is up.

[1] i hate cinnamon flavored anything! however growing up, "big red" was the only gum kept in the house. so that's what i'd chew. to this day, when i buy gum, it's always cinnamon flavored. as much as i hate it, nothing else makes my breath feel clean. this is also the reason i buy crest cinnamon rush toothpaste, with whitening expressions!

[2] none of my clocks are synchronized, see previous post. apparently this is weird.

[3] i once read a list put out by the american film institute that stated "some like it hot" to be the all time, number 1, best comedy. not having seen it, i couldn't believe that a film released in 1959 could hold that title. not long after, i rented it and watch it. not only has it become one of my favorite movies, i agree completely with the ranking.

[4] i spent seven years in college earning my undergrad. this wasn't because of bad grades, but because i spent three years in one program before switching majors and starting over. at the time, another four years before graduation, felt like an eternity. however, looking back, i know it was the thing to do, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions i ever made.

[5] i believe dr. pepper is the best drink ever invented.

[6] i love blurring the lines between a hobby, and a job. i also love keeping them separate.

alright, i have no idea if they'll play along, but to fulfill this post i [tag] the following bloggers:

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Monday, November 17, 2008


i received a wonderful wall clock from family friends as a graduation gift. upon moving into my apartment, i placed a battery in the back and hung it on the wall. i was terribly pleased with where i located it, placed at the intersection of the only two circulation paths in my tiny apartment. this allowed it to be seen from any angle. after waking up in the morning and stepping out of my bedroom, i methodically look down the hallway to see the time. it has become my "main" clock.

not long after the time change, the battery died. i guess the adjustment was just too much for it's little hands to take. it stopped around 5:44 in the morning. it's been frozen at that time for several weeks now, as i have yet to pick up a double a battery for it. although i'm perfectly aware of this fact, i continually find myself checking the time, looking for it's guidance, maybe an answer to where i am in life, or at the very least, how much time i have to get there. habit's are funny that way.

i was planning on writing a long post trying to intertwine thoughts of change and habits, when it occurred to me, i have much larger timing issues in my life. this one, chronologically challenged clock was just the tip of my timing iceberg.

let me explain:

-my alarm clock is set 18 minutes fast, allowing me to hit the snooze button twice, and still wake up on time.

-shuffling between bedroom and bathroom every morning, i watch my "main" clock which is set 9 minutes fast. this is to encourage me to hurry up as i try to get out the door.

-the stove clock, right by the front door, is set 3 minutes fast, allowing me walking and or driving time to the office.

-the car clock is set 36 minutes fast. this breaks down the pattern of "getting ever closer to the exact time as i get closer to the office", however this clock is set for long distance driving, hoping it'll allow me to be 30 minutes early to any distant appointment.

however, what i've learned is, none of this grand and complex timing scheme gets me to work any earlier. i sometimes wonder what chaos may or may not ensue, if they were all to be magically synchronized. in fact, this little rambling observation does me absolutely no good, except for the fact when i ask myself every night, "where did the evening go?"

i now know there's about eighteen minutes lost somewhere between the kitchen and bedroom.

it's probably in the laundry room, next to my missing sock.....time's funny that way.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

bloggin' bout my [generation]

one thing i don't want to do on this blog, is get political. mainly because i've learned certain subjects, when brought up, automatically create divisions between people, making any chance for a meaningful conversation hopeless. in my own life, i've learned these topics include, but are not limited to, politics, religion, kansas colleges and sports, and contemporary vs. traditional architecture. i feel however this election deserves some commentary.

i'd like to talk a little less about the candidates and a little more about the people voting for them. more specifically those people between the ages of 18 and 30. although it's not an exact date, most of these voters find themselves in "generation y" or the "millennial" generation. i feel that people my age have finally "woken" up and are ready for action. we care. we have ideas. we want to be heard! we want that defining moment that every generation has! our grandparents fought in a world war! our parents rebelled, listened to rock music and brought civil rights to the forefront. what have we done? nothing...yet.

but it's about to change. i feel this is the "millennials" election. it's the first time we have collectively had enough people to flex our political muscle. we have become a demographic. the tools and technology that are second nature to us, have helped us be more informed and more active in politics then past generations! we can debate and share ideas through a multitude of social networking sites, text messages and blogs. even facebook is telling us to vote and can be used to find polling locations! not only has this transfer of information been digital, but it fuels conversations in the real world. i've had more insightful, and spirited political discussions with my peers in the last few months, then guys six to eight years older then me. grown men who have straight out told me they just "don't care" about politics. this is not a democratic/republican issue, it's an attitude! whatever platform an individual in this generation decides to take, they educate themselves, and stand firm in their beliefs. i feel we have become more active than our "gen x" and "baby boomer" predecessors.

in a way this election feels to me like a generational "coming out" party, but it won't be what defines us. i believe that after the election, we face our first big test as a generation. a looming economical crisis. being incredibly stereotypical, our generation, since birth, has been told how wonderful it was. our parents and teachers took great strides to give us anything and everything we ever wanted as we made our way through school. everything was designed to be easier for us. however that all changes in the work place. all the praises, high accomplishments and participation trophies don't amount to much when you're the newest member of an office and someone needs to be cut.

our test has begun.

now as i get off my soapbox, i see that i have several different ideas interacting and intersecting with each other. one idea is the youth vote and how powerful in could be in this election. secondly, the ideas and beliefs that define the millennial generation. following are two sources that do a much better job explaining these two issues.

first, an article written about the youth vote in this election by jonathan darmn of newsweek, who happens to be my age. in the article he states this energy and excitement that has been produced, can't stop on november 4th, but needs to continue for the next four years.

secondly a video of william strauss explaining this new and emerging "millennial" generation. it's an overview of the ideals and beliefs of the millennial generation, and why they came to be. he also begins to discuss how this may change the political landscape in the future. very informative, but an hour long.

although i find myself pessimistic about the future, i'm also very optimistic about the potential our generation holds to solve the problems that will face us.

for now....just VOTE!